Disposable Gases

Disposable Gases

Disposable Gases

Disposable Gas Cylinders


In CarboneGas® Costa Rica we have gas for TIG welding machines and portable MIG. Different kinds of gases; the first is 100% Argon compressed gas welding, non-refillable bottle. Argon is ideal for all TIG welding and MIG aluminum welding. It is suitable for most TIG welding machines and portable MIG.

These bottles are ideal when required mobility, comfort and do not wish to rent an expensive industrial gas cylinder. The second is a combination of 80% argon and 20% carbon dioxide, it is ideal for MIG welding of carbon steel. The third contains 98% argon and 2% oxygen, this is ideal for MIG welding of stainless steel.

The Fourth Gas is Carbon Dioxide and it is ideal for MAG welding iron, suitable for most TIG welding machines and portable MIG. For our disposable bottles we have a gas regulator of high quality, 100% made in Italy. The controller can precisely adjust the gas flow for maximum performance of their bottles.

Carbone Costa Rica, also offers Helium, ideal for inflating balloons. The compressed helium is suitable for inflating latex balloons and aluminum, ideal for parties and events. It can be stored safely for future use.

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