Welding Electrodes

Welding Electrodes

Welding Electrodes

Welding Electrodes


Empresas Carbone Costa Rica introduces to its line of products, welding electrodes with DRY SYSTEM, oven dry electrodes upon opening the vacuum pack and up to nine hours thereafter, strong vacuum packs that fully resist moisture reabsorption. Cellulosic electrode of high penetration, label for documenting date and time of opening. Applicable to all positions for structural usage.

BÖHLER FOX CEL + (AWS E6010), BÖHLER FOX CEL + cellulosic electrode is recommended for welding on large diameter pipes API5L. To change specially form root with direct current y positive polarity on vertical ascendant and descendant.

BÖHLER FOX (6011 MX) high penetration cellulosic electrode for carbon welding. Potassic cellulosic coating electrode of steady arc and high penetration witch deposits holds highly superior mechanical characteristics in comparison to same type electrodes, great toughness at subzero temperatures.

(BÖHLER FOX 7018) Carbon steel electrode of low hydrogen content, for structural joints welding and high mechanical resistance. It´s recommended for structural welding works in structural steel, construction steel, pressure recipients steel, boilers and pipes, fine-grained steels.

Low Hydrogen carbide Steel electrode, used to weld structural and high mechanic resistance unions (BÖHLER FOX 7018). Recommended for welding jobs in structural steel, constructions, high pressure recipients, boilers and pipes, fine grain steels.


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Welding Electrodes


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