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Glass Tools

Glass Tools


We are introducing our new glass tools catalog 2015, where we have the widest range of tools for glass, wheels for glass cutters, UV curing hardware and racks for glass storage. We offer wheels for cutting tables and machines, glass cutters, plush cutting tables and cutting oil, glass cuts openers, pliers; tweezers, pliers and glass tongs, edge softeners, corks and disks, rules and squads, “T” cutter with wheels, template cutting system templates for serves and holes in kits, template cutting system for serves and holes per unit, circle and irregular shapes cutter and ovals cutter.

We have high range of suction cups and glass holders. This suction cups always guarantee maximum safety for its simple and robust construction. You can also find tools for personal safety and protection to perform any job, UV light curing system, mounting hardware and glass bonding, special fittings for bonding with UV, design of windows glued with ultraviolet, saw to cut glass, belt sander for glass, portable drill to drill glass, bits for drilling glass, glass drilling accessories, portable hand edger, discs for portable hand edger, Edima vertical edger, sandblasting for glass, polishing and removes scratches for glass, cerium oxide, coolant hoses, supplies for stained glass, silicone and glues, stains and water cleaners, glass cleaner and Nano coating, insulated system for windows, and the aforementioned storage racks for glasses.


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