Protecta Clear – Metal Protector

Protecta Clear

Protecta Clear

Protecta Clear – Metal Protector


ProtectaClear® is a solvent-based protector, which protects the long term metals for 3 to 4 years, both indoors and outdoors, but also contains resins that are highly resistant to salt and chlorine. It is a thin protective layer of a few nanometers thick. ProtectaClear® reduces maintenance and cleaning, repels dirt, stains, water, mold and algae. ProtectaClear® also reduces fingerprints and smudges on metals with bright polished. ProtectaClear® doesn’t crack, cracked or peel when properly applied and never turns yellow or discolored by exposure.

Some important features are:
-Product Ready to use (no mixing, no waste).
-Completely invisible, maintains the real and natural appearance of the material to be treated.
-Internal and external use.
-For use in satin and shiny metals: Stainless steel, bronze, copper, silver, anodized aluminum, polished aluminum, alloys and more. It can also be used on painted metals to protect them from salt or chlorine.
-It’s stable with exposure to ultraviolet radiation, so it remains crystal clear.
-Extremely durable, resistant to scratches and abrasion.
-Certified Hardness H8 – prevents electrolysis.
-Protects the metal from oxidation, corrosion, salt water, salt, chlorine, acid rain, bleach, mold, waste bird, tea stains, etc. (Does not resist Muriatic acid).
-The Protective layer once dry is non-toxic and safe for food contact.
-Fast drying between 15-45 min, depending on the temperature.
-After 30 min of applied can withstand rain.
-Coverage of protection, approximately 1000 square feet per gallon with sealing and protection.
-While it is unopened, indefinite life use.
-Environmentally friendly.

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