TIG Accessories and Consumables

TIG Accessories and Consumables

TIG Accessories and Consumables

Carbone Costa Rica presents its line of accessories for TIG welding in Costa Rica. We have accessories such as WP9 small torch, air-cooled of 100 amp, with an in body gas valve, for Arc 175, 250 machines. TIG WP 9 torch with DINSE 35-70 MM remote flexible head, remote switch 2T/4T with 7-pin female connector and sphygmomanometer amperage control of 47K Ω for TIG torch. Pedal to control amperage TIG 47K Ω, switch remote with ultra-flexible connector for all torches and Carbone machines with 7-pin input panel. Flow meter of argon/CO2 and high quality blends in CFH, special gloves for TIG/MIG welding machines, made with ultra-soft baby goat leather, protective linings for TIG cable torches, TIG Finger ®, gas hose and TIG Pen ®.

TIG Accessories and Consumables


Carbone Costa Rica introduces the new line of welding machines in its catalog, where you can meet the widest range of machines for TIG Accessories and Consumables. We offer a variety of machines with various regulations and features to perform any work that you need.

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